Tips for baby’s first visit and baby shower gift ideas

baby shower gift ideas

Tip 1: don’t have too many at once: who can take everything?

In the first days and weeks, no one wants to fuss at home. That’s why if you have small children, it’s best to leave them at home. They may not yet understand the particular situation and their impatience or loud play creates unnecessary restlessness and stress.

Tip 2: How long can I stay? Please, not long!

Shorter in this case is better: during a baby visit, it is a question of seeing and welcoming the new child. There is no question of spending hours chatting over coffee, unless you are explicitly asked to stay longer. . Most of the time, mother and child are still tired the first few times and are happy to find calm in the house or apartment.

Tip 3: How should I behave with the baby?

Such a little being is incredibly cute and you just want to touch him, stroke the soft down on his head, caress his tender cheeks or hold his hands. However, do not do this or only if you have asked permission from the parents. The immune system of newborns has yet to develop and is very sensitive. In any case, the rule is to always wash your hands well and, of course, to visit your baby only in perfect health!

Tip No. 4: give sound advice – better not!

Do you already have children yourself, do you know about breastfeeding, baby care and childhood illnesses? You will certainly find many opportunities to speak and your advice will certainly soon be needed. They have no place on the first visit. Let new parents do their own experiments first. After all, every child is different.

Baby shower gifts

There is no perfect gift that would please everyone. Tastes are different and the fact that the baby is the first child of his parents or that he already has brothers and sisters must also be taken into account when choosing the birth gift. That’s why we’ve put together our top 10 baby shower gifts that can be given regardless of gender and possible siblings and are always fun to give:

Baby Gift Tip #1:

A very nice baby blanket, soft and fluffy. It is perfect as extra protection for the stroller and can also be used as a play and activity blanket for the first times. Preferably, of course, from purely natural materials.

Gift Tip #2:

Baby can never have enough bibs. Slip-on bibs are particularly pretty and practical, with a soft, over-the-head collar. Moreover, it is very easy to make personalized bibs yourself!

Gift Tip #3:

A hooded towel is something young parents often don’t even think about – and then it’s missing in the first bath. She’s wonderfully soft, perfectly sized for dwarfs, and incredibly practical with her sewn-in hood.

Gift Tip #4:

A pacifier chain! We can not do without ! After all, all pacifiers always disappear into “black holes”, which cannot be found. It is practical to be able to attach it to the child or to the stroller and always have it at hand.

Gift Tip #5:

All children need a night light sooner or later – and it usually accompanies them for a very long time. Its soft light helps baby fall asleep, it replaces the big light when baby wakes up in the middle of the night and slightly older children can easily turn it on and off by themselves.

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