When’s The Best Time To Buy Your Engagement Ring And Then Your Wedding Band

Your Engagement Ring

We recommend that you buy the engagement ring at least three months before the planned date of the marriage proposal, which will give you plenty of time to change things up and/or plan everything so that everything goes smoothly.

Sometimes it happens that the production of the ring is delayed and this disrupts the schedule of your marriage proposal. Typically, it takes up to six to eight weeks to make ring adjustments, so keep that in mind. Purchasing a can save you this worry.

When buying your ring, set a budget. So when you’re browsing through the different styles, you know what you’re looking for and can tell the jeweler your exact budget, allowing you to filter your searches and find the perfect ring faster.

Engagement Rings

Also think about practical considerations and consider your partner’s lifestyle. It’s best to avoid buying an engagement ring that he might find uncomfortable or that he would have to take off often because of his job or daily activities. If your partner is a sports person, you should opt for a thinner ring with rounded edges.

Handy people should skip a chunky engagement ring or diamond wedding band and opt for a simpler design. Also think about the other jewelry worn by your future fiancée, because if her future engagement ring is not the only piece she will wear, you will have to make sure to buy an engagement ring that harmonizes with what she already has.

Take a look at our selection of gemstone engagement rings available in ruby, sapphire or emerald that might suit their personal taste.

When to buy your wedding ring

When do you buy your wedding rings? We recommend doing this about three to four months before your wedding date. So you’ll have plenty of time to browse through the different styles of wedding bands, hit up a few jewelry stores to try them on, and decide together which rings are best for you and your lifestyle. Waiting too long to buy your engagement ring will only lead to stress as the big day approaches, so make a decision halfway through the wedding planning.

Also remember to see if the brand from which you bought your engagement ring offers a matching wedding band. This can make the whole process easier and also helps ensure that the rings are placed together on the same finger. But your wedding rings don’t have to match.

Indeed, many couples have completely different tastes and preferences, but it’s fun to buy them together and decide which rings you intend to exchange on D-Day to signify your commitment and mutual love forever. .

What to do once they have said yes!

You have chosen the engagement ring of your dreams and you finally said yes? Congratulation ! Here are some things you need to do!

Break the news to your friends and family

You said “yes” and you are going to get married! Congratulations, you can share the news with your loved ones! You can announce it in different ways. The most classic way is through a phone call. But to announce it in an original way, you can bring your loved ones together at the restaurant, for example, offer a personalized gift or write a postcard.

Get ring size

The engagement ring is sublime, it sparkles beautifully but maybe it is a little too big or a little too tight? Over time, the fingers may swell or thin out. If your ring is no longer your size, have it resized as soon as possible at your jeweler.

Nothing will ever replace the sentimental value of your engagement ring, but if something does happen to it, at least it’s possible to get the money back through jewelry insurance. If you have multi-risk home insurance, add your ring to your insurance contract. This insurance protects the property of the house including jewelry.

Once all the congratulations have passed, it is important to define the precise date of the wedding to better organize your preparations. The wedding date is the first thing providers want to know. In addition, by fixing the date of your wedding, you will be able to announce it to your loved ones who will be able to enter the date precisely in their diary. Allow at least 1 year of preparations before setting a date.

Plan a romantic evening to get together and celebrate the event. To organize an unforgettable evening as a couple, you can have a candlelit dinner at home, book a dinner in the most beautiful restaurant in town, organize a romantic weekend, or admire a sunset.

Get a calendar, planner, wedding binder and organizer. This will help you enormously to organize everything and prepare for the wedding. The Knot website also has great expert advice on planning your wedding, if you need inspiration and ideas.

Taking a wedding planner allows you to be accompanied during the preparations for your wedding. This professional organizes your wedding according to your needs and expectations. This saves considerable time and provides peace of mind for couples. However, a wedding planner will cost extra money, so make sure the option fits your budget before making a decision.

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