Hair Botox: how does it work?

Hair Botox

Hair botox works on the same principle as skin botox. That said, it has nothing to do with surgical treatment. Rather, it is a type of deep processing and smoothing. It was designed to improve the condition and appearance of hair. Composed mainly of keratin and hyaluronic acid, it restores shine to the dullest hair. The conditioning treatment is said to deeply treat damaged hair , making it shinier, healthier and frizz-free. If we rely on the final result, hair botox is often confused with Brazilian smoothing. However, hair botox will repair, nourish and hydrate each fiber in depth, while Brazilian straightening will modify the internal structure of the hair fiber in order to stiffen the hair.

Is hair botox risky?

Unlike facial botox, hair botox does not contain botulinum toxin which relaxes facial muscles and smoothes the skin. Hair botox is full of nourishing proteins, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins (B5 and E), vegetable oils, collagen or even glyoxylic acid as well as other healthy ingredients for the hair that go fill in the gaps in the hair fibers, restoring their natural beauty.

All this to say that hair botox is safe for the hair, since no harmful chemicals are used during the treatment. Another benefit of hair Botox is that it is safer than keratin-based hair treatment, otherwise known as Brazilian straightening. In fact, hair botox is completely free of parabens and formaldehyde, controversial chemicals that can lead to complications such as irritation, allergies and even cancer.

Hair Botox: instructions for use

hair treated with hair botoxThe term “botox for hair” comes from the theory that the products in the product will fill in the damaged parts of the hair, making the hair smoother and healthier. It’s a bit like injecting a product into the face to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. During hair botox treatment, no needles are required. Instead, the product is applied directly to the hair and combed through to maximize its coverage.

How to apply hair botox?

For this, you can either hire a professional at a salon or do the treatment yourself at home using products you have purchased yourself.

That said, if you want a 100% effective botox treatment, the best option is to have it done by a professional. In general, a hair botox session begins with a wash with shampoo to: remove dirt, open the cuticles and prepare the hair for conditioning.

Once well washed and towel-dried, apply the botox product, section by section, to wet hair, brushing and massaging the product from root to tip. Then, you have to leave a pause time of about 30 to 60 minutes for the product to act and penetrate the hair fibers. It only remains to cover the hair in a cap and to pass under a heated helmet for about fifteen minutes before rinsing the hair. It is strongly recommended to use special sulphate-free shampoos in order to preserve the effects of the treatment as long as possible.

What results to expect?

Your best bet for getting good results from your hair botox would be to do it at a trusted salon and ask a hairstylist for treatment recommendations. Hair botox can dramatically improve the appearance and health of your hair. The treatment will sublimate your natural hair.

It will make them soft, smooth, lustrous and frizz-free. Also, the treatment moisturizes the hair thus preventing split ends while promoting its growth. The effects of Botox on the hair last between 2 to 4 months. After that, you can redo the treatment. Also, be aware that the more often you wash your hair, the faster the treatment will wear off.

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