Birth list The 10 essentials to welcome your baby

Birth list

We love to crack for a toy, an original layette, or a magnificent Doudou… We hesitate on the choice of the room, we are invaded by doubts on all the childcare products offered, not to mention the advice received from the entourage. Difficult to find your way around, and to be sure not to forget anything.

This is where the birth list becomes essential. Thanks to the wide choice they offer, online lists are a very practical invention for parents who can make their selection quietly while avoiding duplicates… The list will serve as a reminder by adding everything you can need according to your inspiration.

On Kadolog, thousands of birth lists are submitted each year.

So, to help you make a first selection, here are the TOP 10 birth gifts deemed essential by parents who have been there before you:

1°/ Car seat and stroller

Absolutely necessary to have it before birth as you will need it to take your baby home when you leave the hospital. You can buy it before birth and put it on your Kadolog birth list. You will be able to have it offered to you thanks to the financial participation of your loved ones.

2°/ A bottle kit or breastfeeding equipment

If you are breastfeeding, you will need a few supplies: nursing pads, nipple cream, a good bra and a breast pump. If you give the bottle, you will need to provide a few first-age bottles.

3°/ A set of bodysuits & pajamas

A few bodysuits in size 0, 1 and 3 months to start with and some pajamas will be needed. Also essential, a hat and small slippers to keep your newborn warm from the first moments.

4°/ A sleeping bag/sleeping bag

We advise you to have two sleeping bags from birth (from 0 to 6 months). It is indeed advisable not to put your baby to sleep in blankets or duvets.

5°/ A diaper bag

This bag will be used to store everything you will need when you leave the house (diapers, bottles, changing clothes, liniment, cream…). They are found in all brands and at all prices.

6°/ A set for baby’s toilet

Your baby’s toiletry bag contains: a thermometer, a baby nasal aspirator with flexible tip, cotton swabs for babies, a massage finger for the gums, a nail clipper (not to be used during the first weeks), a gel soft to wash him and a very soft brush for his hair.

7°/ A pharmacy kit

Your pharmacy kit contains: saline, compresses, a mild antiseptic, a thermometer, paracetamol, rehydration solutions in case of diarrhea and possibly massage oils to prevent colic.

8°/ A cradle/Co-sleeping

You will use the small cradle on average 4 to 5 months (baby’s first months).

9°/ A baby carrier or a sling

The baby carrier is a “must” for many parents. It can be useful on a walk but just as much at home! It is ideal for relieving babies with GERD, for babies who need a lot of carrying, for those tight days after vaccinations and to free your hands during your daily tasks.

10°/ A park

The playpen is handy if you have room to put it. It allows you to have a secure place to put your baby down during the day.

All these desires can very easily be added to your online birth list.

And thanks to our search engine, you can complete your list by picking from the thousands of products already present on Kadolog.

Do not hesitate to help yourself with our complete list of essentials to welcome baby . You will find a selection of all the essential products for the birth of your baby.

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