How to choose the right engagement ring

right engagement ring

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s start with an important notion, the engagement ring as such!

The engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that we offer as a symbol of commitment to the person we love. Most often, it is about asking the person in marriage.

Today, this ring is often a solitaire (it is a ring adorned with a single stone in its center, traditionally a diamond).

Of course this is not always the case and it should not be a rule. This is actually what is done most often, but it can just as well be a more original and creative ring.

Steps to be sure not to make a mistake in your choice (inspired by the Gemmyo method):

Which style to choose for an engagement ring?

In order to choose the style of ring that will best suit your future wife, Gemmyo advises first of all to analyze her style. Does she have a rather wise look? sharp ? nature ? fashion ?

To this first question, you may not immediately have an answer in mind because it is obviously not a question that we ask ourselves every day.

But when it comes to choosing the jewel of a lifetime… We’ll have to think about it! However, do not panic, this article is here to guide you with a few questions to ask yourself:

What colors of clothes does she like to wear? Does she like sober colors (navy blue, black, white) or more marked ones (red, orange, yellow, green)?

In general, does she rather like to be noticed or, on the contrary, does she shine with a discreet elegance?

Is she still eager to discover the new fashionable designer? Or does she prefer timeless clothes?

Does she usually wear precious jewelry? And if so, how are they? Brilliant? Discreet? Purified? Colored? Massive? Ends?

Of course, there is no such thing as a “typical” woman and no one will fit a stereotype. These descriptions will therefore not necessarily correspond in all respects… But it could still help you to determine which type of ring would suit him best.

Which engagement ring for which style?

Based on your answer to these questions, here are Gemmyo’s tips for choosing the style of ring that might suit her according to her style:

She wears rather plain and sober colors, and in general, does not like her clothes to be conspicuous.

She avoids anything that is bling bling or “did you see me” and recognizes herself in a discreet style.

Whether for clothes or accessories, she appreciates having objects that can be worn in all circumstances and is always afraid of getting tired of something that would be a fad.

She doesn’t wear precious jewels, or if she does, they are rather fine and discreet.

Paved Solitaire:

She wears plain colors instead, attaches importance to having a neat style and avoids faults in taste.

For her, elegance is an attitude: she pays attention to her style, but avoids logos that can be perceived as bling bling or have you seen me.

She appreciates a touch of sophistication to enhance an outfit (a pretty bag, a cashmere scarf, lipstick, pretty braided sandals, etc.).

She wears discreet jewellery: stud earrings, a diamond pendant, thin bracelets.

pavé solitaire engagement ring

 Surrounded Solitaire:

She has no favorite color and will be just as comfortable with sober colors as a more striking touch of color.

She loves to wear new accessories: a watch, the latest fashionable bag, designer sunglasses.

She is not bling bling but she is not afraid of being noticed either: whether it is through the many jewels she is used to wearing, a marked make-up or, for an evening, a particularly dressy dress.

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