How to choose your brides maids


The role of your brides maids

They organize your wedding “shower” and are present.

They dry your tears when you’re planning the wedding and you’re sick of it (because ladies, it’s going to happen!).

They make with you the small gifts of guests or participate in another way if they are not skilful.

They participate in family reunions for the organization of the big day.

They are available to meet your needs during the day, whether it’s to get you a glass of water or help you get dressed.

Who to choose?

You should choose ladies who have been in your life for a very long time…even if, due to life circumstances, you don’t see them as often as you used to.

Your choice shouldn’t end with people who happen to be a new friend, co-worker, or groomsman spouse. The reason is simple: they are knowledge. Sometimes brides are inclined to choose almost anyone to balance the number of groomsmen and groomsmen for their bridal party. It’s beautiful in the photos, except that’s the only valid reason. Like your future husband, you want these people in your life, not just for the summer, but for eternity.

Here are some delicate and sometimes uncomfortable situations, how will you react?

On average, brides have 3 to 5 bridesmaids. If you don’t want to end up with a procession of 10 bridesmaids, take your pick of the ones you think will be the most comfortable.

Then assign tasks to others so that they can also participate in your wedding. For example, coordinating the entrance of the wedding procession to the church, helping to decorate the hall, shopping with you for your lingerie for the honeymoon, etc.

You want a lady-in-waiting

With a procession of more than two maids of honor, there is among them a lady of honor: your right arm. She replaces your train after you have walked down the aisle, holds your bouquet during the wedding ceremony, helps you to go to the toilet (when your crinoline does not allow you to go alone…). If it’s too hard for you to choose just one, just forget the idea!

They barely know each other or don’t get along at all

Make it clear that you want them to be your brides maids, that their presence by your side is important to you, and that you want this day to pass in harmony

They are unhappy with the style of the dress

They don’t like the style of dress you chose for them? While remaining open to feedback, the final choice is yours, as you are the bride. Compliment them and remind them to support you in your choices, because it is your vision of a dream day that you want to recreate.

When you get ready to make your final choice, think about this: will the people you choose be available, reliable, helpful, altruistic and above all personable? On your wedding day, will they be dedicated to you and know your needs without you saying a single word?

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