The essential tool to improve the customer experience

improve the customer experience

What is a size guide?

A size guide is, as its name suggests, a guide which indicates, according to the sizes of the products that you offer for sale, the measurements relating to them. This can be chest circumference and sleeve length for jackets and sweaters, waist circumference and inseam length for pants or even foot length for shoes. But this size guide must also present all the equivalents of international sizes so that consumers around the world can refer to it. It is most often presented in the form of a table and is accessible either on a dedicated page or directly on the product page.

Whether you sell clothes, accessories or shoes, it is essential to offer a women’s size guide, a men’s size guide and a children’s size guide on your online store!

Why create a size guide for your online store?         

In France, there are no very precise regulations concerning sizes, so they can vary from one manufacturer and from one brand to another and display differences for the same size of more than 5 centimeters. What discourage many consumers. Implementing a size guide when selling clothing and accessories online is therefore an essential step, for many reasons:

You significantly improve the customer experience

Offering a smooth and pleasant customer experience is what will differentiate you from your competitors and allow you to establish a relationship of trust with consumers. By creating a size guide, you prove to your future customers that you are doing your best to facilitate their purchases and that they can trust your shop.

You relieve your customer service

A customer who does not know where to find information about the sizes and measurements of the clothes you sell will naturally tend to approach your customer service to find answers to their questions. The size guide is there to anticipate this kind of problem and thus prevent your customer service from being overwhelmed by requests concerning this subject.

You limit the risk of returns

When a consumer wishes to buy a garment or a pair of shoes in one size without having the possibility of knowing the exact measurements, there is a good chance that the latter will end up with a garment that does not suit him. He will therefore have to return his purchase . In addition, with the possibility of returning a package for free, many customers who are unsure of the size to choose who then prefer to order two different sizes to keep only the one that suits them. By offering your customers a complete size guide, you allow them to make the right choice and thus considerably limit your rate of returns .

You increase your sales

A customer who is undecided about the size to choose is a customer who may not make the purchase. Offering a size guide helps consumers find the size that will suit them best and buy with confidence.

You attract an international audience

Creating a size guide and clearly displaying the different conversions gives you the opportunity to attract consumers from all over the world. If you offer European sizes (EU 36,38,40, etc.) without displaying the equivalences, you risk losing many foreign customers.

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