Be careful to choose the right stone

enagement ring

Is there a greater quest than that of her wedding dress? Yes, that of the right engagement ring, the most important jewel in a couple’s life.

And this, whether you are the person who will ask the fateful question, or the one who will be able to choose his precious.

Since this ring will spend the rest of her life on her finger, choosing the jewel that she will like to see every day for years is a crucial step, especially when you do not have an unlimited budget.

Don’t panic, here is a little guide for those who would like to be referred.

You are certainly the person who knows her the best, but do not hesitate to be accompanied by relatives in order to have another look.

We start by wondering which stone will suit him; Diamond or colored stone?

The white diamond remains a safe bet, a timeless synonym of eternity and which goes well with all jewelry. Colored stone offers many possibilities.

In terms of engagement rings, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are the most popular, but there are more and more tourmalines ranging from pink to blue, passing through yellow and light green which will appeal to pastel enthusiasts. .

Which metal to choose for your engagement ring?

When choosing the color of the metal of the said ring, we think first of all of the jewelry that the person is used to wearing, but also of their complexion.

If you can choose yourself, also consider the color of your future alliance so that the association is successful.

Traditionally, it is gold, whether red, yellow, white, pink, black… which remains the most popular. Beyond the color, some might wonder which purity of gold to choose.

For quality jewelry that stands the test of time, opt for 18 ct or 750 thousandths gold, the highest quality of gold used in jewelry.

Platinum, a rarer alloy of white color that does not deteriorate over time, is just as desirable but will also be more expensive.

Solitaire or not solitaire?

Whether you want a discreet or extravagant jewel, the engagement ring can take all forms, and this obviously takes into account the nature and size of the stone chosen.

The solitaire, surmounted by a single stone, is the star of the engagement and offers many possibilities.

It will be necessary to opt for a shape of stone in order to then choose the one that will best adapt to the morphology of his/her hands. Elongated shapes – pear or marquise – will suit longer hands more while compact shapes – brilliant, cushion or princess – will suit small hands.

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